Rebuilding the Past—A Portal to the 1950's

Vintage Pink Bathroom Fixtures

I now have a usable bathroom in the town.  I still have to install a shower pan and shower wall panels before it is totally complete.  The American Standard pink 1950's toilet is a one piece low boy unit which worked perfectly for the smaller space with the curved wall.  The toilet seat is not the correct one and I am working on ordering a new one.  In between the toilet and sink is a vintage Blickman stainless steel medical cart which was a score from a trash pile.

The idea with the bathroom was not to create a giant master bath space - but rather just a small functional bath with a retro vibe and colors.  Once the diner is built in front and around this bath it will be the "restroom" in the back of the diner.

For now, I am going to leave the floor bare concrete. Eventually, I will either stain it or tile it.