Rebuilding the Past—A Portal to the 1950's

Grabbing some parts at the Junk yard

I got in touch with a guy who had a great stash of 50's cars in a hidden junkyard a few hours from me.  For the most part the cars have not been picked over like 50's cars in most yards you find now.  But sadly, they have been sitting for many decades back in the woods and they are all way beyond any hopes of restoration or even rat rod builds.  I am talking frames that have crumbled apart and body panels that you can push your fingers through in most places.

On the good side though - there is a ton of stainless and trim and accessories that I needed for many of my cars in the town.

It was really really sad for me to break out the cutting wheel and start slicing up the 57 New Yorker - but it was the only option.  I grabbed the power seats and power windows and will probably sell or trade those.  I am going to use some of the trim on my 57 Saratoga to dress it up a little.  Stuff like the Fender eagle head ornaments - and possibly the New Yorker slashes from the rear quarters.  I am also considering recovering and using the New Yorker door panels on my Saratoga... but with my hand window cranks instead of the power windows.