Rebuilding the Past—A Portal to the 1950's

The Spartan Mansion move

This 1950 Spartan had been parked for a long time about 25 miles from me.  Finally, after a couple years of detective work to track down the owners... I ended up buying it.  It definitely needs some love.  It has dings and dents and lots of wood on the inside will need to be replaced.  On the good side, all of the panels and cabinets are there to use as templates.  I will be taking everything out and starting with new flooring and underlayment as well as new insulation all around and wiring.  Big project... like I needed another big project.

This will be parked inside the Quonset hut and not only be a place to sleep - but also serve as part of the "motel / used car lot office" vignette.  I have a giant vintage motel sign that I am working on currently which will stand next to the Spartan - so stay tuned !... coming soon hopefully !  It will look awesome next to the trailer.  There is a pic of that sign below in it's rough stages so you can get the idea.

I couldn't resist putting a few vintage pieces in front of the trailer for a quick picture.